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UConn Semester in Nonsmooth Analysis

Fall 2015

University Lecture, Colloquia Series, and More

The Department of Mathematics is designating Fall 2015 as a Special Semester in Nonsmooth Analysis.  Special Events will include

  • A public lecture by Professor Michael Barnsley (Australian National University) aimed at the entire University of Connecticut community
  • Special Semester Colloquium Series featuring Professors Fabrice Baudoin (Purdue), Luca Capogna (WPI), Bruce Kleiner (NYU), Pertti Mattila (Helsinki), Nages Shanmugalingam (Cincinnati), and Xavier Tolsa (Barcelona)

Related events in and around Analysis at UConn will include

For inquiries, please contact one of the organizers: Matthew Badger, Vasileios Chousionis, Masha Gordina, Luke Rogers, and Sasha Teplyaev.