University of Connecticut

UConn Math Club


All students interested in mathematics are invited to attend the club’s events. Usually the club listens to talks aimed at its members. Talks generally will not require a background beyond calculus and a little linear algebra. Free refreshments will be provided.

(Click here for talks from earlier semesters)

Officers: The president is Tristan Knight, the vice-president and secretary is Nick Juricic, and the treasurer is Peter Fenteany. The faculty advisor is Keith Conrad.

Interested in joining? The math club is open to all registered UConn students. We have a group page on UConntact and on Facebook. Please go to our UConntact page and click on the Join Organization button.

Interested in a topic? If you are a UConn student who wants to hear a talk about some part of mathematics, especially one which may not be in a regularly offered course, write to and hopefully we can find a suitable speaker to address your interests.

Videos Check out Jon Hanke’s math club talk on the Geometry of projective space from April 4, 2012 and Keith Conrad’s talk on patterns that don’t last from Sept. 9, 2015. Other videos are available on the UConn Math YouTube Channel.