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Math 5520 - Spring 2016

Instructor: Jeffrey Connors
E-mail: jeffrey.connors@uconn.edu
Office: MSB M324
Office hours: MWF 12-1 PM in MSB M324.

Class time and room: MWF 11:15 AM - 12:05 PM in MSB 215

Text (not required): Understanding and Implementing the Finite Element Method by Mark S. Gockenbach. Gockenbach website for book

This course is appropriate for mathematics students who are interested in applications and numerical analysis, as well as mathematically-inclined engineering students. The main goals are (1) to provide a rigorous theoretical foundation for the application of the finite element method to approximate the solution of a (well-posed) partial differential equation and (2) to provide experience in coding the finite element method and verifying the correctness of the code. The course will draw upon results in linear algebra, real analysis, partial differential equations and some functional analysis on Hilbert spaces to analyze the properties of finite element approximations. The theoretical results will be illustrated by coding up examples in MatLab.

Homework: Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the semester and will typically consist of a theoretical part and a computational part.

Grading: The grade is 75% of the homework score plus 25% of the final project score.