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Math 2110 - Fall 2014

Instructor: Jeffrey Connors
E-mail: jeffrey.connors@uconn.edu
Office: ACD 114C
Office hours: M,W 3-4 PM, or by appointment.

Class time and room: M,W 1:15 - 2:55 AM in ACD 309.
Text: Calculus, 7th Edition by Stewart.

The multivariable calculus course extends many of the techniques developed in the first two semesters of calculus to multiple dimensions, such as are needed to model real-world behaviors and phenomena. Some examples are vectors, rates of change in different directions, and integration along a path, over a surface or volume. A complete list of topics is shown in the schedule below.


Homework: Homework will follow a weekly cycle. We will use the WebAssign system: www.webassign.net. No homework grades will be dropped. Late homework is not accepted without receiving my permission on or before the due date, which will require a reasonable explanation as to why the homework cannot be completed on time.
Quizzes: These will be administered weekly and will be related to the material covered during the previous week (see the schedule below). The lowest two quiz grades will be dropped. There will be only one make-up quiz allowed per student during the semester and only with a valid reason for absence.
Calculators: The use of calculators will not be permitted on exams or quizzes. Calculators may be used on homework.

Homework  30%
Quizzes  10%
Exam 1  10%
Exam 2  15%
Exam 3  15%
Final  20%

Final exam: Currently scheduled for Dec. 10 from 1-3 PM in ACD 309.
Final exam rescheduling policy:
Finals week for fall 2014 takes place from Monday, December 8th, through Sunday, December 14th. Students are required to be available for their exam and/or complete any assessment during the time stated in the Registrar's Office schedule. If you have a conflict with this time you must visit the Avery Point Student Services Office to discuss the possibility of rescheduling this final. The Office of Student Services REQUIRES advance notice from students who have prior knowledge of a conflict (i.e., bunched finals, religious obligation, legal/medical appointments, etc.) Students must come to Student Services to seek permission to reschedule their final. Please note that vacations, previously purchased tickets or reservations, graduations, social events, misreading the assessment schedule and over-sleeping are not viable reasons for rescheduling a final. If you think that your situation warrants permission to reschedule, please contact the Office of Student Services (Branford House 306) to make an appointment with the Director of Student Services (860) 405-9024 or www.advapp.uconn.edu (choose Avery Point from the drop down menu).

Date    Book SectionsTopicsNotes
Aug. 25     12.1     3D coordinates, vectors
Aug. 27     12.2-12.3     Vectors and dot products         slides
Sept. 1         Labor Day - no class
Sept. 3      12.4-12.5     Cross products, lines, planes         Quiz on 12.1-12.3         slides
Sept. 8     12.6, 13.1     Surfaces, vector functions         slides
Sept. 10     13.2, 13.3     Derivatives, integrals, arc length, curvature         Quiz on 12.4, 12.5        slides
Sept. 15     13.3, 13.4     Arc length, curvature, velocity, acceleration         slides
Sept. 17     12.1-13.4     Review for Exam 1         Quiz on 12.6, 13.1, 13.2         slides
Sept. 22                   Exam 1        
Sept. 24     14.1-14.2     Functions, limits and continuity         slides
Sept. 29     14.3, 14.4     Partial derivatives, linear approximations         slides
Oct. 1     14.5, 14.6     Chain Rule, directional derivatives         Quiz on 14.1, 14.2        slides
Oct. 6     14.7, 14.8     Maxima and minima, Lagrange multipliers         slides
Oct. 8     14.1-14.8     Review for Exam 2         Quiz on 14.3-14.6        slides
Oct. 13                   Exam 2        
Oct. 15     15.1, 15.2     Double integrals, Fubini's Theorem         slides
Oct. 20     15.3, 15.4     Other regions of integration         slides
Oct. 22     15.5, 15.6     Applications of double integrals         Quiz on 15.1, 15.2        slides
Oct. 27     15.7, 15.8     Triple integrals          slides
Oct. 29     15.9, 15.10     Spherical coordinates, change of variables         Quiz on 15.3-15.6         slides
Nov. 3     CH. 15     Review for Exam 3         slides
Nov. 5                  Exam 3        
Nov. 10     16.1, 16.2     Vector fields, line integration        slides
Nov. 12     16.3, 16.4     Line integrals, Green's Theorem         slides
Nov. 17     16.5, 16.6     Curl, divergence, parametric surfaces         Quiz on 16.1-16.4         slides
Nov. 19     16.7, 16.8     Surface integrals, Stoke's Theorem         slides         
Nov. 24         Thanksgiving break - no class
Nov. 26         Thanksgiving break - no class
Dec. 1     16.8, 16.9     Stoke's and Divergence Theorems         Quiz on 16.5-16.7        slides         
Dec. 3     All     Review for final exam         slides
Dec. 8         Finals week - no class
Dec. 10     FINAL EXAM