University of Connecticut

UConn Final Exam Policy — Information for Instructors

The University of Connecticut treats final exams differently than any testing or other graded assignments given during the semester. During the semester, instructors may give as many tests, quizzes, and other graded assignments as they view necessary. For coordinated courses TAs should follow course coordinators’ instructions regarding testing in their classes. The content of the final exam and the grading scheme used for final grade computations are also at the discretion of the course coordinators and, in non-coordinated courses, the individual instructors. Other issues regarding final exams must follow university rules and policies.

The following is a collection of university rules and policies regarding the final exams:

  • All undergraduate classes must give final exams.
  •  Final exam dates and locations are decided by UConn Registrar Office. Final exams for all 1000 level math courses and all coordinated math courses are given at the same time slot, called the Math Commons time block. Check the Registrar’s office site for exact time and location of the final exam for your course:
  • Final exams must be held at the university scheduled time and place. Course grades are expected to be posted within 72 hours of the final exam’s date on PeopleSoft: . Toward the end of each semester the Registrar office sends an e-mail with the dates and procedure for inputting course grades in PeopleSoft. Late grades are reported to the department and the Dean of the College, and being late may cause the department and the instructor considerable inconvenience.
  • Rescheduling final exams for individual students can be done only after the student obtains written permission from the Office of Student Services & Advocacy. Let your students know as early in the semester as possible the university final exam schedule for your course, and the university policy for rescheduling. Include the following sites on your syllabus or course webpage:
  • When a student comes to the instructor with a permission slip from the Office of Student Services & Advocacy, the instructor must set a time for them to take a make-up final exam. In coordinated courses, the policy regarding make-up final exam schedule is determined by the course coordinator. In non-coordinated courses it is up to the individual instructor and student.
  •  If a student does not take the final exam, or an approved make-up final exam, by the time course grades are due, the instructor should give such a student a grade of X, if passing the exam could have given the student a passing grade for the course. If the student would have failed the course regardless of the grade on the final exam, the student should receive an F. If the instructor reports an X, and the Dean of Students excuses the absence, the instructor will give the student another opportunity to take the test. The examination must be given before the end of the third week of the next semester. In our department Common Make-Up Finals are given on a specified date at the beginning of each semester. You will receive an e-mail from David Gross at the beginning of each semester specifying the details.
  • Instructors must keep the original copies of the final exams in each course they have taught for two years after the exam is taken. Instructors may not give students back their original final exam, but may give a photocopy if a student requests it. Instructors may also deliver their final exams to Monique Roy for safekeeping in the department’s record room. Before an instructor leaves UConn permanently, he/she must deliver to Monique Roy, all final exams and all course grades spreadsheets and keys.