University of Connecticut

Teaching Statement Guidelines and Samples

General Suggestions

Thanks to Catherine Ross of ITL for sharing these suggestions at a workshop in Fall 2008.

  • Format: 1-2 pages, either paragraphs or bullets, written in the first person.
  • Your goal should be to show that you have spent time reflecting on the learning process and how your teaching methods address this.
  • Make sure you address what your goals for student learning are, how you enact those goals, how you measure whether those goals were met, and how you work to create an inclusive learning environment.
  • To get started, ask yourself:
    • Why do you want to teach?
    • What do you think makes a teacher great?
    • What are you doing to become a great teacher?
    • What ideas about learning influence your teaching?
    • What do you hope your students will take away from your teaching?
  • Your statement should be well written and readable. Have someone look over your work and make suggestions.

Useful Links

Sample Teaching Statements