University of Connecticut

TA Responsibilities

These responsibilities were negotiated by the Graduate Employee Union.  If you have any questions about these responsibilities, or ever feel that you are being asked to do more than what is required of you as a teaching assistant, do not hesitate to speak with your course coordinator, Fabiana Cardetti, or Myron Minn-Thu-Aye about your concerns.  Balancing your roles as a student and a TA can be difficult, and we’re here to help you navigate issues like these.

As a teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut, your responsibilities are:

  • teaching lectures and/or discussion sections in accordance with the outline and directives as provided by your course coordinator (if you have one)
  • arriving to your classroom in a timely manner and teaching for the designated period of time
  • familiarizing yourself with course material and preparing in advance for future classes
  • managing the classroom to foster a positive learning environment
  • managing online homework assignments (if they are being used)
  • holding office hours for 3 hours per week on at least two different days
  • attending lectures (if requested by your coordinator)
  • attending meetings held by your coordinator
  • proctoring and grading quizzes and exams, including make-up exams
  • maintaining and managing grade data for each of your students
  • entering grades in the Student Administration System for each of your students
  • submitting final exams and grade sheets to the department staff (Rachel D’Antonio, Monique Roy or Tammy Prentice)
  • attendance at both the university and department TA orientation sessions
  • for those who have not taught for the UConn Math Department before, enrollment in and satisfactory completion of (a grade of B or higher) MATH 5000 – Mathematical Pedagogy

It is also recommended that you read the TA guidelines prepared by Prof. Keith Conrad available here.