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Math Pedagogy Enrollment Info

Pedagogy is the study of teaching practices and methods. Math 5000, Mathematical Pedagogy, is a mandatory course for all new graduate students of the mathematics department who are supported as TAs in the Fall semester, or hope to be supported as TAs in the Spring semester. This includes new graduate students who have not passed the English proficiency tests and therefore do not teach in the Fall semester, but hope to pass the test and teach in the Spring semester.

Math 5000 is offered every Fall semester, and covers basic pedagogical skills. The course starts the week before the start of the Fall semester–during orientation week–. The New TA Orientation Schedule, posted on this website, and also mailed to new TAs before arrival on campus, specifies the time and place for our first pedagogy lesson: Pedagogy Lunch and Teaching Practice. In addition, as part of the pedagogy course, new TAs need to attend Webassign training, the Computer Information session, and the first-time meeting with their Course Coordinator, all during orientation week. Afterwards, Math 5000 meets twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, during the Fall semester. More information, such as our class meeting times and room, can be found using the following link:

The mathematics department schedules graduate courses and seminars likely to be attended by new graduate students at times that do not conflict with Math 5000’s schedule. On occasion, there might be a few minutes intersection between courses, that will prevent a student from enrolling. Such cases can be accommodated by late arrival or early departure from one or both courses. Please contact Fabiana Cardetti and the instructors of the conflicting graduate courses to make the necessary adjustments and bypass the PeopleSoft block of your enrollment in both courses.