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The Department of Mathematics runs the TA Program to give support and guidance to its graduate students in teaching issues. This program is coordinated by the Associate Graduate Director for Instruction, Sarah Glaz.

  • Course Web Pages from Current Courses page.
  • If you have to write your own syllabus, here is a good place to get some inspiration. Very often, your coordinator will provide you with a complete syllabus, or with most of it and ask you to complete the remainder. In any case, have your course coordinator or the Undergraduate Program Assistant ( ) check your syllabus before you hand it out in class. Traditionally, the syllabus is given the very first day of class; also have some extra copies handy after that because students will continue to join your section the first week or so. Please visit Syllabus Guidelines and Samples for some suggestions.Note: It is probably a good idea to mention somewhere in your syllabus that now there is tutoring available from the Q Center Website.
  • Academic Integrity
    Every syllabus should contain a statement on academic integrity. You can download the LaTeX sourcecode if you want to write your syllabus in LaTeX.
  • Class Surveys
    It is sometimes a good idea to hand out a survey in class, e.g. during the second or third week of semester.
    You can download a sample in PDF or LaTeX source.


  • The Basics : PRACTICE by Chuck Vinsonhaler, Prof. Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, UConn
  • A wide range of tutoring and information about tutoring is available from the Q Center Website.
  • If you want to use technology in your teaching check out the list of Hi-Tech Classrooms. For more information (for example keys to use the facilities) please see the AV Tech website.