University of Connecticut

Mentor Assignment

If you don’t know yet, or forget (hopefully this doesn’t happen!), who your mentor is, you can find them in the table below. Just because you have a mentor, doesn’t mean you can’t ask someone else a question. ¬†We’ve tried to pair students who are teaching the same subjects, but clearly this is not possible in every case. Most mentors have at least taught 1131 (Calc I) and 1132 (Calc II) in the past, and all of us know what it’s like to be a first year graduate student, so feel free to ask questions of anyone!

Emails are not included on this page, but click on a name to be directed to your TA’s Department of Mathematics “People” page, where you can see their email and office assignment.

First Year Mentor
Daniel Mourad
Kohei Miyazaki
Adriana Vega
Alex Semendinger
Gabrielle Melamed
Phuong Thanh Nguyen
Sean Eustace
Paul Apruzzese
Ningwei Jiang
Jinkai Xu
Angela Mastropietro
Jianxiong Wang
Michael Gaiewski
Ilana Antiles
Anurag Amin
Daniel O’Connell
Yoshimi Dilg