Mathematics Education Seminar

The Role of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Developing Intercultural Citizenship in Education - and vice versa

Michael Byram, Fabiana Cardetti, and Manuela Wagner (Durham University, University of Connecticut)

Monday, October 8, 2018 4:00 pm
McHugh Hall 206 (Storrs)

Join us for a discussion of our interdisciplinary work for developing intercultural citizenship at different educational levels. After presenting the theoretical background and models that guide our work, we will consider what does it take to educate for intercultural citizenship and the role that interdisciplinary collaboration plays in it. We will engage in a conversation with you to examine what this role is, and what it could be, in supporting and advancing intercultural citizenship education. And vice versa, we will look into the role of intercultural citizenship in building capacity for interdisciplinary collaborations and meeting its challenges. We welcome your insights, critical perspectives, and generative dialogue.

Comments: Co-sponsored with Literatures, Cultures, and Languages