Mathematical Physics Seminar

Direct Integrals II (Postponed to next week)

Arthur Parzygnat (University of Connecticut)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 2:30 pm
MONT 214 (Storrs)

In the last talk, we provided motivation for the direct integral from the spectral theory of normal matrices and from solid state physics. In this talk, we will study Hilbert families and measurability structures. This talk is independent of last week's talk so newcomers are welcome!

Comments: This talk is expository and will be at an introductory level assuming the audience knows some elementary measure theory.

Our seminar is informal and we invite the audience to ask our speakers questions. Emphasis is placed on understanding topics in areas of mathematical physics (broadly defined).

If anyone is interested in giving a talk on something, please contact Arthur at Graduate students are particularly encouraged to give talks.