UConn Math Club

Folding Cubes

Michael Biro (University of Connecticut)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:45 pm
MONT 314

A polyomino is like a domino but has more than 2 squares in it. If you want to fold a polyomino with 6 squares into a cube, there are 11 types of polyominoes that can be used. If you want to fold a polyomino with more than 6 squares into a cube, allowing multiple squares to overlap on the same face, a classification of the possibilities is still unknown!

In this talk, we will describe the classification of polyominoes containing no holes that fold into a cube and discuss some of the difficulties with extending the results to polyominoes that have one or more holes in them. These challenges allow for the creation of some interesting and entertaining paper puzzles, copies of which will be provided during the talk. Time permitting, we may also discuss further results on folding polycubes and a natural extension from cubes to other Platonic solids.

Comments: Free pizza and drinks!