University of Connecticut



A fundamental domain for Γ0(11).

Registration for the conference is free. Please send a message to in order to register if you are planning to attend the lectures. This will help us to make sure that we order enough coffee for everyone! Please include the following info in your message:

  1. Name, affiliation, and academic status (undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc, faculty, other).
  2. An email address in case we need to contact you with updates.
  3. **Requesting funding is now closed** (see info on funding below).
  4. **Registration for the banquet is now closed**. There will be a (free) banquet for participants at the end of the day, for those who signed up before May 12th.


There is a limited amount of funding available for graduate students who need funds (for mileage, a meal, perhaps to share a hotel room) to be able to make it to UConn for the conference. If you would like to request funding, please ask your academic advisor to send a brief recommendation message to on your behalf, before May 2nd, 2014. Funding decisions will be made shortly after.

List of registered participants (alphabetical):

  1. Matthew Bates, University of Massachusetts.
  2. Rob Benedetto (speaker), Amherst College.
  3. John Bergan, Wesleyan University.
  4. Abbey Bourdon, Wesleyan University.
  5. Benjamin Briggs, University of Toronto.
  6. Alan Chang, Princeton University.
  7. Anthea Cheung, Boston University.
  8. Michael Chou, University of Connecticut.
  9. Keith Conrad (organizer and speaker), University of Connecticut.
  10. Edgar Costa, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
  11. Harris Daniels, Amherst College.
  12. Ding Ding, Binghamton University.
  13. Lian Duan, University of Massachusetts.
  14. Noam Elkies (speaker), Harvard University.
  15. Kathleen Emerson, Princeton University.
  16. Jorge Florez, CUNY.
  17. David Gross, University of Connecticut.
  18. Edward Harris, Math and Science Cooperative.
  19. Jeffrey Hein, Dartmouth College.
  20. Wade Hindes, Brown University.
  21. Michael Joseph, University of Connecticut.
  22. Jonathan Judge, University of Connecticut.
  23. Edmund Karasiewicz, Rutgers University.
  24. Mizan Khan, Eastern Connecticut State University.
  25. Michael Klug, University of Vermont.
  26. Matt Lamoureux, University of Connecticut.
  27. Kyu-Hwan Lee, University of Connecticut.
  28. Jonah Leshin, Brown University.
  29. Micah Loverro, Binghamton University.
  30. Alvaro Lozano-Robledo (organizer), University of Connecticut.
  31. Ricky Magner, Eastern Connecticut State University.
  32. Phanuel Mariano, University of Connecticut.
  33. Daniel Martin, University of Connecticut.
  34. Robert McDonald, University of Connecticut.
  35. Christine McMeekin, Cornell University.
  36. Caleb McWhorter, Syracuse University.
  37. Venu Menon, University of Connecticut.
  38. Anna Medvedovsky, Brandeis University.
  39. Scott Mullane, Boston College.
  40. Michael Musty, University of Vermont.
  41. Filip Najman (speaker), University of Zagreb.
  42. Burton Newman, University of Southern California.
  43. Trang Nguyen, Foreign Trade University.
  44. Andrew Phillips, Boston College.
  45. Andrew Reiter, Veracode Inc.
  46. Tom Roby, University of Connecticut.
  47. David Rohrlich (speaker), Boston University.
  48. Sam Schiavone, University of Vermont.
  49. Elizabeth Sheridan Rossi, University of Connecticut.
  50. Joseph Stahl, Boston University.
  51. Cihan Soylu, Boston College.
  52. Minh-Hoang Tran, Brown University
  53. Tien Trinh, Rutgers University.
  54. Jackson Walters, Boston University.
  55. Jane Wang, Princeton University.
  56. Jerzy Weyman, University of Connecticut.
  57. James Withers, Boston University.
  58. Wei Pin Wong, Brown University.
  59. Dylan Yott, Boston University.
  60. Yichao Zhang, University of Connecticut.
  61. Zhuohui Zhang, Rutgers University.