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Name Advisor Thesis Title Year
Mengxia Dong Guozhen Lu Best Constants, Extremal Functions and Stability for Geometric and Functional Inequalities 2018
Faisal Duraihem Yung-Sze Choi A Numerical Investigation of Multiple Traveling Pulse and Front Solutions 2018
Kyle Evans Fabiana Cardetti Investigating the Relationship Between Mathematics Education and Global Citizenship Education Through K-12 Mathematics Teacher Perspectives 2018
Qi Feng Fabrice Baudoin Topics in Stochastic Analysis and Riemannian Foliations 2018
Phanuel Mariano Maria Gordina Functional Inequalities for Hypoelliptic Diffusions using Probabilistic and Geometric Methods 2018
Daniel Martin Lan-Hsuan Huang Mass in General Relativity 2018
Rebecca Moran Yung-Sze Choi Traveling Waves in a Suspension Bridge 2018
Hugo Panzo Iddo Ben-Ari Scaled Penalization of Brownian Motion with Drift 2018
Michelle Rabideau Ralf Schiffler Continued Fractions in Cluster Algebras, Lattice Paths and Markov Numbers 2018
Ulysses Andrews Alexander Teplyaev Existence of Diffusions on 4N-Carpets 2017
Antoni Brzoska Luke Rogers and Alexander Teplyaev Spectral Properties of the Hata Tree 2017
Michael Chou Alvaro Lozano-Robledo Torsion of Rational Elliptic Curves over Abelian Extensions of Q 2017
Michael Joseph Thomas Roby Toggling Involutions and Homomesies for Maps on Finite Sets, Noncrossing Partitions, and Independent Sets of Path Graphs 2017
Rachel Stahl Reed Solomon Computability theoretic results for the game of cops and robbers on infinite graphs 2017
Frank Arthur Xiaodong Yan Liouville-type Theorems for Higher-Order Elliptic Systems 2016
Malva Asaad Maria Gordina Hypoelliptic Heat Kernel on Nilpotent Lie Groups 2016
Cagnur Corekli Dmitriy Leykekhman Finite Element Methods of Dirichlet Boundary Optimal Control Problems with Weakly Imposed Boundary Conditions 2016
Jonathan Judge Kyu-Hwan Lee Modules over Rank 2 KLR Algebras 2016
Andras Lorincz Jerzy Weyman Bernstein-Sato Polynomials for Quivers 2016
David Miller Vadim Olshevsky Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices and Laurent Polynomials 2016
Tze-Chun Ou Kyu-Hwan Lee Irreducible Modules over KLR Algebras of Twisted Affine Type 2016
Fan Ny Shum Maria Gordina Stabilization by Noise of Systems of Complex-valued ODEs 2016
Sandi Xhumari Keith Conrad Generalized p-adic Gauss Sums 2016
Stephen Zito Ralf Schiffler Modules from Tilted to Cluster-Tilted Algebras 2016
Michael Mackenzie Vadim Olshevsky Unitary k-Hessenberg Matrices 2015
Caleb Martin Reed Solomon Computability Theory and Ordered Groups 2015
Ryan Pellico Joseph McKenna Multiple Periodic Solutions of a Nonlinear Suspension Bridge System of Partial Differential Equations 2015
Khrystyna Serhiyenko Ralf Schiffler Induced and Coinduced Modules over Cluster-Tilted Algebras 2015
Jacob Suggs Reed Solomon On Lowness for Isomorphism as Restricted to Classes of Structures 2015
Tingting Huan Changfeng Gui Traveling Fronts to Reaction Diffusion Equations with Fractional Laplacians 2014
Daniel Kelleher Alexander Teplyaev Geometric Methods in Analysis on Fractals 2014
Matthew Lamoureux Keith Conrad Stirling's Formula in Number Fields 2014
Mingfeng Zhao Changfeng Gui Traveling Wave Solutions to the Allen-Cahn Equations with Fractional Laplacians 2014
Alex Baldenko Maria Gordina The Top Lyapunov Exponent of Symplectic Stochastic Differential Equations: Theory and Numerics 2013
Ilke Canakci Ralf Schiffler Snake Graph Calculus and Cluster Algebras on Surfaces 2013
Harris Daniels Alvaro Lozano-Robledo Siegel Functions, Modular Curves, and Serre's Uniformity Problem 2013
Gabriel Feinberg Kyu-Hwan Lee Homogeneous Representations of Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier Algebras 2013
Ji Li Thomas Peters Topological and Isotopic Equivalence with Applications to Visualization 2013
Lu Lu Evarist Gine On the Integrated Square Error of the Linear Wavelet Density Estimator 2013
Hua Ren Richard Bass Meyer's Inequality for Stable-like Operators and Pathwise Uniqueness for Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps 2013
Lucas David-Roesler Ralf Schiffler Algebras from Surfaces and Their Derived Equivalences 2012
David Ferrone Wolodymyr Madych Finite Biorthogonal Transforms and Multiresolution Analyses on Intervals 2012
John Haga Masha Gordina Lévy Processes in a Three-Step Nilpotent Lie Group 2012
Mututhanthrige Perera Vadim Olshevsky Quasiseparable Approach to Matrices of Vandermonde Type 2012
Benjamin Salisbury Kyu-Hwan Lee A Combinatorial Description of the Gindikin-Karpelevich Formula 2012
Avraham Bourla Andrew Haas The Bi-sequences of Approximation Coefficients for Gauss-like and Renyi-like Maps of the Interval 2011
Jeffrey Ledford Wolodymyr Madych On the Convergence of One-Parameter Families of Interpolators 2011
Ryan Schwarz Sarah Glaz Zero-Divisor Conditions in Commutative Group Rings 2011
Brian Whitehead Richard Bass Occupation Times for Jump Processes 2011
Fang Zhang Changfeng Gui A Qualitative Research on Allen-Cahn Equations 2011
Xiang Huang Changfeng Gui Nonrigid Image Registration Problem Using Fluid Dynamics and Mutual Information 2010
Deniz Karli Richard Bass Probabilistic Littlewood-Paley Theory 2010
Su Liang Sarah Glaz An Investigation of the Preparation of Award-winning Grades 7–12 Mathematics Teachers from the Shandong Province of China 2010
Philip Lombardo Kyu-Hwan Lee The Constant Terms of Eisenstein Series of Affine Kac-Moody Groups over Function Fields 2010
Lance Miller Keith Conrad On the Structure of Witt-Burnside Rings Attached to Pro-p Groups 2010
David Molnar Andrew Haas Metrical Diophantine Approximation for Continued Fraction-like Maps of the Interval 2010
Benjamin Steinhurst Alexander Teplyaev Diffusions and Laplacians on Laakso, Barlow-Evans, and other Fractals 2010
Amy Turlington Reed Solomon Computability of Heyting algebras and Distributive Lattices 2010
Mang Wu Maria Gordina Stochastic and Geometric Analysis on Two Infinite-dimensional Groups 2010
Fangjun Xu Richard Bass A class of singular symmetric Markov processes 2010
Pavel Zhlobich Vadim Olshevsky Quasiseparable Matrices and Polynomials 2010
Jonathan Axtell Kyu-Hwan Lee Vertex Operator Algebras for Type G Affine Lie Algebras 2009
Lin Ge Ron Blei Relationships Between Combinatorial Measurements and Orlicz Norms 2009
Tho Huynh Richard Bass Parabolic Harnack Inequality and Caccioppoli Inequality for Stable-like Processes 2009
Matthew Jura Reed Solomon Reverse Mathematics and the Coloring Number of Graphs 2009
Oscar Levin Reed Solomon Computability Theory, Reverse Mathematics, and Ordered Fields 2009
Tyler Markkanen Reed Solomon Separating the Degree Spectra of Structures 2009
Craig Miller Yung Sze Choi Global Existence of Solutions to a Moving Boundary Problem 2009
Upendra Prasad Michael Neumann Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications 2009
Russell Prime Keith Conrad Averaging Quadratic L-Series over Function Fields 2009
Robert Wooster Maria Gordina Evolution Systems of Measures for Non-autonomous Stochastic Differential Equations with Levy Noise 2009
Gorjan Alagic Alexander Russell Uncertainty Principles for Compact Groups 2008
Thomas Bella Vadim Olshevsky Topics in Numerical Linear Algebra Related to Quasiseparable and other Structured Matrices 2008
Marc Corluy Richard Bass Rates of Convergence in the Central Limit Theorem for Markov Chains 2008
Hailin Sang Evarist Gine Asymptotic Properties of Generalized Kernel Density Estimators 2008
Lisa Termine P. Joseph McKenna Existence of Solutions to Semi-linear Elliptic Differential Equations: Approximation and Verification 2008
Rong Zhou Yung Sze Choi Numerical Simulation of Cell Movement 2008
Adam Bowers Ron Blei Generalizations and Extensions of the Grothendieck Inequality 2007
Sawinder Kaur Israel Koltracht On an Eigenvalue Problem for some Nonlinear Transformations of Multi-dimensional Arrays 2007
Ryan Mullen Stuart Sidney Examples of Banach Spaces that are not Banach Algebras 2007
Alexander Rogalski Reed Solomon Reverse Mathematics on Lattice Ordered Groups 2007
Rachel Schwell Ralph Kaufmann Operads, Polytopes, and the A-infinity-Deligne conjecture 2007
Yuriy Shlapak Israel Koltracht Numerical Methods for Finding Certain Solutions to Gross-Pitaevskii Type Equations with General Potentials 2007
Mohammud Foondun Richard Bass Harnack Inequalities for Integro-differential Operators 2006
Huili Tang Richard Bass Uniqueness for the Martingale Problem Associated with Pure Jump Processes 2006
Minerva Catral Michael Neumann Group Inverses and Mean First Passage Matrices in Finite Ergodic Markov Chains 2005
Krista O'Neill P. Joseph McKenna High Frequency Response to Low Frequency Forcing in a Nonlinear Mechanical Model 2005
Regina Speicher P. Joseph McKenna Numerical Solutions to an Allen-Cahn Type Equation 2005
Alexander Lavrentiev Richard Bass Uniqueness of the Martingale Problem for Some Degenerate Elliptic Operators 2004
Ermek Nurkhaidarov James Schmerl On Automorphisms of Models of Peano Arithmetic 2004
Gabriela Bulancea Stuart Sidney Sequence Algebras of Continuous Functions 2003
Molli Jones Eugene Spiegel Group Gradings of Incidence Algebras 2003
Jonathan Keiter Jeffrey Tollefson One-Vertex Triangulations and Heegaard Splittings 2003
Jianghong Xu Michael Neumann Parallel Computations for Markov Chains via Perron Complementation 2003
Sungwook Lee Kinetsu Abe Space-Like Surfaces of Constant Mean Curvature in De Sitter 3-Space S(1,3) 2002
Nataliya Savytska Israel Koltracht Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Gross-Pitaevskii Type and Their Discrete Analogues 2002
Jiri Horak P. Joseph McKenna Traveling Waves in Nonlinearly Supported Beams and Plates 2001
Muge Kanuni Eugene Spiegel Dense Ideals and Maximal Quotient Rings of Incidence Algebras 2001
Jason Molitierno Michael Neumann Coefficient of Ergodicity Type Bounds for the Algebraic Connectivity of Graphs 2001
Mihai Pascu Richard Bass Probabilistic Approaches to Eigenvalue Problems 2001
Talitha Washington Yung Sze Choi Mathematical Model of Proteins Acting as On/Off Switches 2001
Burkhard Englert Manuel Lerman A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Embedding Principally Decomposable Finite Lattices into the C.E. Degrees Preserving Greatest Element 2000
Yevgeniy Galperin Karlheinz Grochenig Uncertainty Principles as Embeddings of Modulation Spaces 2000
Lixing Han Michael Neumann Algorithms for Unconstrained Optimization 2000
Sheon Young Kang Israel Koltracht Numerical Solution of Integral Equations with Nonsmooth Kernels and Applications 2000
Slaven Stricevic Ron Blei Continuous-Time Models of Generalized Random Walks 2000
Josip Derado Karlheinz Grochenig Multivariate Refinable Interpolating Functions 1999
Guihua Fei Soon-Kyu Kim Periodic Solution of Hamiltonian System and Minimal Period Problem 1999
Fuchang Gao Ron Blei Majorizing Measures and their Application 1999
Reo Gonzales Israel Koltracht Integral Equation Method for the Continuous Spectrum Schrödinger Equation 1999
Ensil Kang Jeffrey Tollefson Normal Surfaces in Knot Complements 1999
Eun Heui Kim Yung Sze Choi On the Existence of Positive Solutions of Quasilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 1999
Kristen Moore P. Joseph McKenna Large Amplitude Torsional Oscillations in a Nonlinearly Suspended Beam: A Theoretical and Numerical Investigation 1999
James Caggiano Ron Blei Sets of Interpolation for Fourier Transforms of Fréchet Measures 1998
Salti Samarah Karlheinz Grochenig Modulation Spaces and Nonlinear Approximation 1998
Shiqin Xia Israel Koltracht Fast Numerical Schemes for Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind 1998
Leiping Yu Kinetsu Abe An Alternative Approach to Critical Point Theory 1998
Sharon Hill P. Joseph McKenna Numerical and Theoretical Investigation of the Variational Formulation of a Water Wave Problem 1997
Yue Chen P. Joseph McKenna Numerical Variational Methods for Approximating Traveling Waves in a Nonlinearly Suspended Beam 1996
Xianghao Cui Soon-Kyu Kim A Study of the Relative Critical Point Theory and the Critical Groups in Locally Closed Convex Subsets of Banach Manifolds 1996
Karl Krog Charles Vinsonhaler Characterizations of Balanced and Cobalanced Butler Groups 1996
David Pinchbeck William Abikoff Nondiscrete Groups of Möbius Transformations 1996
Dragan Radulovic Evarist Gine The Bootstrap for Empirical Processes under Dependence 1996
Yan Jin William Abikoff Poincare Theta Series and Convergence of Kleinian Groups 1995
Euhee Kim Yung Sze Choi Long-time Behavior of Solutions of a Multidimensional Electrophoretic Model with a Simple Reaction 1995
Yuanqian Li William Abikoff Limit Theorems in Reflected Brownian Motions and in Markov Chains Associated to Iterated Function Systems 1995
Haja-Nirina Razafinjatovo Karlheinz Grochenig Irregular Sampling with Derivatives 1995
Chunying Wang P. Joseph McKenna Numerical and Theoretical Results for the Real Monge-Ampere Equation 1995
Zhiqiang Chen Evarist Gine On Some Generalized Medians 1994
Yonghong Chen Michael Neumann Sign Patterns of Generalized Inverses of Matrices 1994
Lisa Doolittle Humphreys P. Joseph McKenna Numerical and Theoretical Results on Large Amplitude Periodic Solutions of a Suspension Bridge Equation 1994
Reiff Lafleur William Wickless On Cotypesets of Finite Rank Torsion-Free Abelian Groups 1994
Eugene Boman Israel Koltracht Fast Algorithms for Toeplitz Equations 1993
Mei Gao Michael Neumann Measuring the Distance from a System to the Set of All Uncontrollable Systems 1993
Shiho Pan Roger Hansell Descriptive Topological Spaces and Perfect Maps 1993
Nasser Towghi Ron Blei Integration and Functions of Finite p-Variation 1993
Minxie Zhang Wolodymyr Madych Image Reconstruction from Radon Transform Data 1993
Gerard Coutu Domina Spencer Postulational Formulation of Magnetohydrodynamics 1992
Yangling Feng P. Joseph McKenna The Study of Nonlinear Flexings in a Floating Beam by Variational Methods 1992
Robert Labarre Eugene Spiegel Computational Geometry Techniques for 2D and 3D Unstructured Mesh Generation of Divergence from Partial Differential Equations 1992
Christopher O'Donnell Eugene Spiegel Maximal and Minimal Prime Ideals of Incidence Algebras with Applications to Ring Theory 1992
Zhidong Pan Stuart Sidney Properties of Nest Algebras 1992
Ningyi Wang Jeffrey Tollefson Normal Surfaces in Fibered 3-Manifolds 1992
Frank Weber Manuel Lerman Invariant Constructions in the Relative R.E. Degrees and Embeddings into Initial Segments of the Lattice of Ideals of R.E. Degrees 1992
Ding Xiao Israel Koltracht Numerical Analysis of Mappings Associated with Positive Definite Toeplitz matrices 1992
Taiping Ye William Abikoff The Numerical Computation of the Douady-Earle Extension and Teichmueller Mappings 1992
Xun Yu Yung Sze Choi Investigation of Steady-State Solutions for Electrochemical Processes 1992
Maoli Chang Wolodymyr Madych Polyharmonic Cardinal Hermite Spline Interpolations 1991
Hyeyoung Her P. Joseph McKenna Multiple Periodic Solutions in a Hanging Cable with Periodic Forcing 1991
Min Her Ron Blei Multilinear Measure Theory and its Applications 1991
Shu-An Hu James Hurley The Numerical Ranges of Operators 1991
Margaret Boman Jeffrey Tollefson Decision Algorithms and Normal Surfaces in 3-Manifolds 1990
Paul Budney William Wickless Some Applications of the P-X Dual 1990
Sunwook Hwang Stuart Sidney Aspects of Commutative Banach Algebras 1990
Kuo-Ching Jen P. Joseph McKenna Numerical Investigation of Periodic Solutions for a Suspension Bridge Model 1990
Guangyu Liu Jerome Neuwirth Some Problems about Joint Ergodicity and Uniform Distributions 1990
Aihua Wang Shaker P. Joseph McKenna Maximum Principle Methods for Semilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 1990
Michael Tsatsomeros Michael Neumann Reachability of Nonnegative and Symbiotic States for Linear Differential Systems 1990
Gerard Vinel William Abikoff Symmetric Supermanifolds and Lie Triple Supersystems 1990
Peter Yom Charles Vinsonhaler Characterization of a Class of Torsion-Free Abelian Groups 1990
Zhiming Zou Manuel Lerman Some Results on Jumps of Splittings of Recursively Enumerable Sets 1990
Seong-Kowan Hong Kinetsu Abe The Generalized Gauss Maps of a Maximal Surface in Lorentzian Space 1989
Seok-Ku Ko William Abikoff Embedding Riemann Surfaces in Riemannian Manifolds 1989
Xingwang Xu William Abikoff On Möbius Groups of Riemannian Manifolds 1989
Wenhuan Yu Wolodymyr Madych Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations 1989
Hong Ye Manuel Lerman Some Properties of Recursively Enumerable Sets Uniform for Equivalence Relations 1988
Uma Shama Domina Spencer The Transformation Equations of the Electromagnetic Field Vectors in Accelerated Systems 1987
James Hefferon Manuel Lerman The Structure of Upper Bounds for the Arithmetical Degrees 1986
Tixiang Wang Soon-Kyu Kim Morse Theory on Banach Manifolds 1986
Herman Goeters William Wickless Some Injective Classes 1984
P. Venugopalan George Raney Z-Continuous Posets and Union Complete Subset Systems 1984
Theodore Faticoni Charles Vinsonhaler When Quasi-Projective Implies Projective 1981
John Kalliongis Jeffrey Tollefson Homotopy Equivalences on Non-Irreducible 3-Manifolds 1981
Hyunkoo Lee Soon-Kyu Kim On Approximate Fibrations 1981
Andrew Miller Jeffrey Tollefson On the Homotopy of Spaces of Projectible Homeomorphisms 1981
Dan Novak George Raney Generalizations of Continuous Posets 1981
Francesco Parisi-Presicce George Raney Uniqueness of Solution of Fixed-Point Equations in Regular Extensions of Iterative Algebras 1981
Isabelle Adjaero Eugene Spiegel Uniqueness of the Coefficient Ring and Related Problems in Group Rings 1980
Jae Myung Chung William Wickless Injective Hulls of Torsion-Free Abelian Groups 1980
John Riley John Ryff Subalgebras of H and the Corona Property 1980
Sungwoo Suh Stuart Sidney Characterizations of L1(G) Among its Subalgebras 1979
Carl Rasmussen Edmond Tomastik Oscillatory and Asymptotic Behavior of Systems of Ordinary Linear Differential Equations 1977
Donna Beers Eugene Spiegel The Isomorphism Problem for Infinite Abelian Groups 1976
Paul Kwok George Raney Computability of Recursive Functions on Forests by Finite-State Automata on Networks 1975
Richard Montgomery Richard Gosselin Closed Subalgebras of Group Algebras 1973
Richard Resch Soon-Kyu Kim The Classification of Free Differentiable S-Actions on 8- and 9-Dimensional Manifolds 1973
Siegfried Jansen George Raney Subdirect Representations of Partially Ordered Sets 1972
Michael Gregory Jerome Neuwirth p-Helson Sets, 1 < p < 2 1971
Jerry Metzger Elliot Wolk Quasi-Uniform and Quasi-Proximity Spaces 1970
Chris Duckenfield Robert Smith The Ring of a Continuous Geometry 1969
Gerald Fisher George Raney On the Representation of Formal Languages Using Automata on Networks 1969
Charles Mozzochi Elliot Wolk Symmetric Generalized Uniform and Proximity Spaces 1969
Donald Small George Raney A Functional Equation Arising in the Metric Theory of Continued Fractions 1969