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MATH 5211: Abstract Algebra II

Description: Linear and multilinear algebra, Galois theory, category theory, and commutative algebra.

Prerequisites: MATH 5210.

Offered: Spring

Credits: 3

MATH 5211 - Section 1: Abstract Algebra II

Description: Module Theory (Tensor product, exact sequences, projective modules, injective modules, tensor algebras, modules over PID); Field Theory (Algebraic extensions, splitting fields, seperable extensions); Galois theory (Fundamental theorem, finite fields, solvable and radical extensions, insolvability of the quintic)

Credits: 3

Sections: Spring 2016 on Storrs Campus

PSCourseID Course Sec Comp Time Room Instructor
15335 5211 001 Lecture TuTh 11:00:00 AM-12:15:00 PM MSB203 Schiffler, Ralf