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MATH 5141: Abstract Harmonic Analysis - Fourier Analysis

Description: Harmonic analysis on various spaces such as Euclidean spaces, and abelian and non-abelian locally compact groups. We will use the book A Course in Abstract Harmonic Analysis by Gerald Folland ( as the textbook. This is an introduction to Fourier analysis on groups and its connections to unitary representation theory. Some of the topics to be covered include locally compact groups, Haar measure, and unitary representations, going into more details on Fourier analysis on abelian groups (dual groups and Pontryagin duality) and compact groups (the Peter-Weyl Theorem).

Offered: Spring

Credits: 3

Sections: Spring 2015 on Storrs Campus

PSCourseID Course Sec Comp Time Room Instructor
14670 5141 001 Lecture TuTh 11:00:00 AM-12:15:00 PM MSB315 Gordina, Maria