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MATH 5000: Mathematical Pedagogy

Description: Taught on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Monday classes cover the theory and practice of teaching mathematics at the college level: basic skills, grading methods, cooperative learning, active learning, use of technology, classroom problems, history of learning theory, reflective practice. The Wednesday classes cover the IT resources required for someone to become an effective member of our department.

Prerequisites: Open to graduate students in mathematics, others with consent of instructor. May not be used to satisfy degree requirements in mathematics.

Offered: Fall

Credits: 1

Sections: Fall 2011 on Storrs Campus

PSCourseID Course Sec Comp Time Room Instructor
08438 5000 001a Lecture M 4:15:00 PM-5:45:00 PM MSB118 Savkar, Amit
08438 5000 001b Lecture W 4:15:00 PM-5:45:00 PM MSB203 Marinelli, Kevin