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MATH 3510: Numerical Analysis I

Description: Analysis of numerical methods associated with linear systems, eigenvalues, inverses of matrices, zeros of non-linear functions and polynomials. Roundoff error and computational speed.

Prerequisites: Either (i) MATH 2110 or 2130, 2410, and either 2210 or 3210 or (ii) MATH 2144; and knowledge of at least one programming language.

Offered: Fall

Credits: 3

Sections: Fall 2017 on Storrs Campus

PSCourseID Course Sec Comp Time Room Instructor
02623 3510 001 Lecture MW 03:35:00 PM-04:50:00 PM MONT111 Olshevsky, Vadim
16761 3510 002 Lecture TuTh 05:00:00 PM-06:15:00 PM LH202 Michael Rozman