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MATH 3210: Abstract Linear Algebra

Description: Linear algebra is one of the most productive branches of mathematics. Almost no science can survive without a serious use of linear algebra. Moreover, ideas throughout higher mathematics are often at some point related to "simple" linear algebra manipulations. The key idea is "linearization," which deals with the attempt at describing the information one wants to study in terms of linear algebra objects (vector spaces, operators, etc). We will try to understand such notions and make use of them in studying problems which at first glance may not seem to be "linear". Examples we will look at include explicit formulas for the famous Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, polynomial interpolation, factoring integers, solving difference and differential equations, and Hurwitz's celebrated 1,2,4,8 theorem.

Prerequisites: MATH 2210 and a grade of C or better in either MATH 2142 or 2710.

Offered: Spring

Credits: 3

Sections: Spring 2018 on Storrs Campus

PSCourseID Course Sec Comp Time Room Instructor
04628 3210 001 Lecture TuTh 09:30:00 AM-10:45:00 AM MONT112 Benjamin Russo