Math 3160 -- Probability -- Section 009

Instructor: Linda Brown Westrick
Office: MONT 312
Office hours: Mondays 2:30-3:30, Wednesdays 1-2, and by appointment



This class has an open source textbook! Find it, as well as other resources, at the coordinated course homepage.


Introduce yourselfHW 0Wednesday 1/24
CombinatoricsHW 1: Textbook Chapter 1, All exercises Wednesday 1/31 See above for the link to the textbook; Solution to the Powerball problem
Probability set-upHW 2: Textbook Chapter 2, All exercises Wednesday 2/7Exercise 2.1 is in the chapter text; ignore exercise 2.13
IndependenceHW 3: Textbook Chapter 3, All exercises Wednesday 2/14A few of these homework problems will appear on Midterm 2, which is Wednesday 2/14
Conditional ProbabilityHW 4: Textbook Chapter 4, All exercises Wednesday 2/21