Math 2360 -- Geometry -- Section 001

Instructor: Linda Brown Westrick
Office: MONT 312
Office hours (subject to change): Mondays 12:30-1:30, Thursdays 11-12, and by appointment. (last updated 9/6/17)


Practice Midterm 2

Provided materials for Practice Midterm 2

Solutions for Practice Midterm 2


Introduce yourselfHW 0Tuesday 9/5
Axiom systems, interpretations and models (2.1-2.4)HW 1Tuesday 9/12
Theorems, proofs and logic (2.5-2.6)HW 2Tuesday 9/19
Neutral Geometry Axioms 1-3 (3.1-3.2)HW 3Tuesday 10/3
Neutral Geometry Axioms 4-5 (3.3-3.4)HW 4Tuesday 10/10
Neutral Geometry Axioms 5.5,5.75 and 6 (3.5-3.7)HW 5Tuesday 10/17
The Exterior Angle Theorem, Perpendiculars, and Triangle Congruence Conditions (4.1-4.2)HW 6Tuesday 10/24
Triangle Congruence, Inequalities; Alternate Interior Angles Theorem (4.2-4.4)HW 7Tuesday 11/7
Saccheri-Legendre Theorem, Quadrilaterals, Equivalent statements to Euclidean PP (4.5-4.7)HW 8Tuesday 11/14
Many more equivalent statements to Euclidean PP (4.7-4.8)HW 9Tuesday 11/28