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Linda Brown Westrick

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematics
Email: westrick at uconn dot edu


Computability theory, especially interactions with symbolic dynamics, combinatorics, and effective descriptive set theory.

Curriculum Vitae

Papers and Preprints

  1. N. Greenberg, D. Turetsky, and L.B. Westrick. ``Finding bases of uncountable free abelian groups is usually difficult'' (submitted). (PDF)
  2. L.B. Westrick. ``Seas of squares with sizes from a Pi^0_1 set'' (to appear). Israel Journal of Mathematics. (PDF, arXiv: 1609.07411)
  3. D. Dzhafarov, C. Jockusch, R. Solomon, and L.B. Westrick. ``Effectiveness of Hindman's theorem for bounded sums'' (to appear). Festschrift volume in honor of Rod Downey's 60th birthday. (PDF, arXiv: 1603.08249)
  4. D. Dzhafarov, L. Patey, R. Solomon, and L.B. Westrick. ``Ramsey's theorem for singletons and strong computable reducibility'' (to appear). Proceedings of the AMS. (PDF, arXiv: 1602.04481)
  5. L.B. Westrick. ``A lightface analysis of the differentiability rank'' (2015). Journal of Symbolic Logic. (PDF, arXiv: 1302.2975)
  6. My thesis, Computability in Ordinal Ranks and Symbolic Dynamics, was completed in May 2014 under Theodore Slaman. It contains additional work on the hierarchy of Denjoy integrable functions, as well as a number of results on subshifts. Feel free to email me for a copy of the thesis; its content will appear soon in preprint form.

Papers in Preparation

  1. D. Dzhafarov, S. Flood, R. Solomon, and L.B. Westrick. ``Effectiveness for the Dual Ramsey Theorem.''
  2. N. Greenberg, J. Miller, A. Shen, and L.B. Westrick. ``Dimension 1 sequences are close to randoms.''

Upcoming Invited Talks

Selected Past Invited Talks


This semester (Spring 2017) I teach Math 2710 and Math 5026.