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About this course

This course, together with MATH 3630, is largely intended to prepare you for the SOA Exam MLC (Models for Life Contingencies). These two courses will cover the new learning objectives of Exam MLC that took effect on the Spring 2012 exam. Math 3630 essentially covers the first half of these revised learning objectives. The other half of the materials will be covered in Math 3631 this Spring semester. To prepare you for applying life contingent concepts in the workplace and for more advanced studies in actuarial science, it is possible that more mathematical rigor and additional materials may be taught in the classroom than would be required in the SOA exam.

Effective Spring 2014, SOA Exam MLC have both multiple-choice and written-answer questions. Here for details.

In general terms, while there are possible differences in terminologies and notations or symbols from either previous syllabus or from other existing review materials, we will try to adopt, as best we can, to those that are expected to be used in the exam. However, we will note some of these differences as we proceed through the materials during the semester. Topics to be covered in this course include: survival distributions, life tables, life insurance, life annuities and benefit premiums.

You are highly encouraged to visit the SOA Exam MLC website for recent updates on the exam syllabus, including updates to sample exam questions.

Special announcements

Any special announcements and reminders for the course will be posted at huskyCT.