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Welcome to Tom Roby's Research Page!

My primary research interests are (1) algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, particularly connections with permutations, tableaux, and representation theory; and (2) mathematics education, particularly outreach to K-12 teachers and support for K-16 learners.

Mathematics Publications and Preprints:

Slides from talks (reverse chronologically):

Math Education Publications and Preprints:

  • More recent texts to appear soon...

  • (with Maletsky, E. and seven other authors) Harcourt Math (Grades K--6) Harcourt, Inc., Orlando, 2004.

  • "Models for fractions" in Harcourt Math Professional Handbook (Orlando, 2002), pp. PH24--25.

  • The JOMA mathlets project. Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications 1 (Jan, 2001).
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