Where to find recordings in the MIT FDC RR Guide

(last updated: 17 March 2004)

I get occasional requests by email from people who would like to get ahold of some recording that is listed in the MIT Folk Dance Club Record Runners Guide. Unfortunately, I just keep the catalog, not the recordings, which are archived at the MITFDC, 3000 miles away. Here are a few suggestions for where to look further.

John Filcich has one of the best collection of old vinyl records from the bygone heyday of International and Balkan Folk Dancing.

John Filcich
Festival Records

Depending on where you live, your best bet may be to get some local IFD club to make a newer tape (or better yet burn a CD) for you. Most of these old recordings are *hopelessly* out of print. Occasionally you can find that at garage sales, ebay, and estate sales of deceased folkdancers. I have my own *most wanted* list of recordings I wish I owned...

One other possible source for a single recording would be to forward your request to the EEFC mailing list. I can do that for you, if you like, and ask that people contact you offlist. Only subscribers can post, but anyone can read the archives of the listserve discussions. on the web at www.eefc.org .

Good luck!

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