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Tom Roby's Homepage Welcome to Tom Roby's homepage! (Spring2017)
Email is generally the best way to reach me. I try to block out most mornings for research and writing (or it languishes).

In Spring 2017 I am teaching Math 5020 (Enumerative Combinatorics).

If I've agreed to write you a letter of recommendation, please read the following Recommendation Requirements.

I am currently a tenured associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut in Storrs (a very safe place to live though others may be better), where I arrived in Fall 2005. My main research interests are in algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, and I've also done a good deal of work in educational outreach. From Fall 2005 through Fall 2012, I also directed the Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center) as 50% of my appointment. Here is a partial list of UConn acronyms that I've needed to learn since I arrived. How many can you name without looking?

Before coming to UConn I held faculty positions in the math departments of the following academic institutions:

I was a student at:

Of course, my life has always been measured in academic years.

Along the way I directed, taught in, and/or participated in a number of summer programs. Including

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