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  • Home Pages on Commercial Online Services

    America Online
    The standard URL for the home page of someone on America Online is http://users.aol.com/<screen name>, where <screen name> is replaced by the screen name of the AOL member. There is no directory of home pages accessible to non-AOL members; you need to know the member's screen name.
    The standard URL for the home page of someone on CompuServe is http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/<page name>, where <page name> is replaced by the name chosen by the CompuServe member.

    General Web Resources

    Web Developer
    Daily news, product reviews and downloads of special interest to web designers, programmers, developers and webmasters.
    Web Server Comparison Chart
    Comprehensive listing of web server applications for all platforms.

    Java Information

    ACM List of Java Resources
    Digital Expresso
    Weekly summary of posts from the Java mailing lists and newsgroups.
    An Internet directory and registry of Java-based programs and resources for developers and users of Java.
    Great Java source code examples at Gamelan.
    Java Book Reviews
    Put together by Luis E. Gomez lgomez@calsur.com. It is a site where people in the Java community can review Java books and people who need book recommendations can see those reviews. From the site, it will also be possible able to buy books through Amazon.com, most at a discount.
    Java Developers Page
    This is a Java page intended to collect only serious links. It is not supposed to be a collection of thousands of applets to make your homepage look nicer. It is mainly concerned with useful class libraries, networking, distributed programming (CORBA) and Graphics (e.g. VRML with Java)
    The Java Generic Library.
    Sun's Java Site
    Includes the Java Development Kits.
    Yahoo's Java Area


    Web Counters

    Instructions for using a particular Web hit counter.
    Net Digits
    Web Hit Counter Scripts

    Web Search Pages

    Alta Vista
    Architext's Excite
    Eureka! is a simple and easy to use internet search engine that still provides all of the powerful and complex features of all the major search engines on the web. It is the ideal starting place for the beginner and the final stop for the expert.
    Four11 Search
    Internet Findex
    A comprehensive list of dictionaries, gopher pointers, indicies, and Web Search Engines on the Internet.
    Lycos Catalog
    McKinley's Magellan
    Open Text
    Web Crawler
    Wide World Web Worm

    Web Software

    Apache HTTP Server Project
    Public domain http server for unix and other platforms.
    Shareware web server for the Macintosh.
    Web Warrior
    HTML document creation on the Macintosh. Program Features
    • AppleScript Support both Scriptable, Recordable and Atttachable. The package comes with a demo script and a tutorial. There is a script menu where you can run scripts from within Web Warrior.
    • Automatic update of local links. If you move something or rename it on your hard disk, Web Warrior will fix the path for you the next time you open up a document.
    • Support for Drag And Drop editing of text.
    • Drag and Drop creation of links to images, text, and html documents.
    • Ability to link to other open Web Warrior windows
    • Relative URLs supported in Drag and Drop
    • Full table support.
    • Form creation supported
    • Semi WYSIWYG editing.
    • All major tags supported
    • User definable tags and user definable attributes
    • Ability to send source to browser from within the application
    • Numerous command key equivalents
    • Find and Change ability for text and tags.
    • >32k of text
    • It's Free! It may be free, but it's definitely worth a look!
    • System 7.1 or later. (If using pre-System 7.5 the Macintosh Drag and Drop extension must be installed.)
    • Memory - 1 meg RAM on 68k, 1.8 meg on PPC.
    • 68030 or faster processor recommended.
    Web Warrior is available in PPC, 68k and Fat flavors.
    Web Weaver
    A tag-based HTML authoring tool from Best Enterbprises.

    CGI Information

    Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Library
    Shopping carts, feedback forms, groupware calendar, counters, clocks, animation, bulletin boards, and miscellaneous applications.

    HTML Information

    Adam Bernstein's GIF Reference
    If you're looking for info on transparent and interlaced GIFs, Adam Bernstein has attempted to collect links to all the Web and FTP resources that various people have made available, for all platforms (Unix, Mac, PC), including executable programs and tutorials.
    The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
    The Bare Bones Guide to HTML is a comprehensive quick reference for Web page designers. It includes all of the HTML tags in common usage -- including HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, and Netscape tags -- in a concise, easy-to-use format. The Guide is available in three different versions for on-screen viewing or printing, and it has been translated into eight different languages.
    Basic Guide to Writing your Own Home Page
    Creating a Course Web Site
    Online guide for creating a web site for a college course. Part of Clio, the University of Pennsylvania History Department's web site. Created by a fabulous writer, my daughter.
    Entering the World Wide Web:
    A Guide to Cyberspace
    The Shamash Webmaster's List
    Jim Massey's HTML Workbook
    An advance HTML 3.0 guide with lots of links to demonstrations of advanced capabilities.
    On-Line Tutorial on Setting Up Web Sites
    College Hill Internet has updated its On-Line Tutorial for Lawyers, Non-Profits, and Professionals establishing web sites. Whether you plan to do your web design yourself or hire a firm to do the job for you, you'll find plenty of helpful information in our On-Line Tutorial.
    How To Create Your Own Home Page
    * Part 1: How to create your own WWW home page
    * Part 2: Advanced HTML programming
    * Part 3: Intro to CGI programming
    * Part 4: Advanced CGI programming
    * Part 5: Graphics programming
    * Part 6: WWW application programming
    HTML Tutorial
    Beginner's Guide to Java
    Contains many JavaScript examples with code.
    Perl FAQ
    Web Reference
    An online library of news, expert advice and how-to articles for the building of web sites.