Mathematics 102

Mathematics 102

Sessa's Wheat Project

The game of chess was invented by a mathematician named Sessa in the 15th century. The King of Persia was so delighted by the game, that he offered to let Sessa name his own reward. Sessa replied that he would take one grain of wheat for the first square on his 8 x 8 chessboard, two grains for the second square, four gains for the third square and so on, doubling the number of grains each time until the 64th square was reached. The king immediately called for a bag of grain to fill this simple request, but the reward turned out to be slightly more than he anticipated. Your job is to estimate the amount of wheat involved by estimating how many times Sessa's wheat could fill the pond at Fulton Park (on Cooke Street) which is closest to the Waterbury Campus.

Your group will complete the project over a period of time, making several interim reports along the way.

Report 1 Due April 9
Team Performance Agreement (TPA) and Plan of Attack
Guidelines for a Team Performance Agreement are available in your textbook as well as on the web. Your plan of attack should include a list of information you need to know and how you will obtain it.

Report 2 Due April 16
Data Findings and Calculations
You should submit all the relevant information you have obtained, including sources. Also submit calculations you have carried out.

Report 3 Due April 28
Final Report
Any group that wishes to obtain feedback prior to submitting its final report may submit a draft and discuss it with the instructor.



The report will be graded and will be given a weight (in calculating course averages) equivalent to five ordinary homework assignments.


Those groups which have submitted a usable text or html file are linked to their project report.

Group 1
Robert Paul Mancini, Lisa J. Hellmann, Alexander Jessiman Rosengren, Melinda Fern Marshall

Group 2
Deepash H. Patel, Christopher M. Gugliotti, Tandrenika C. McAlpine

Group 3
Tara Melody Dean, Jamie Doll Dagostino, Jason James Ingriselli, Carly Michelle Wise

Group 4
Jessica Leigh Wyatt, Christopher William Jones, Elyse Nicole Granata, Nnamdi I. Ifejika

Group 5
Neema Syovata, Steven Patrick Acri, Melissa Jo-anne Malia, Ekrem Halim

Group 6
Laura M. D'Averso, Siobhan Lattola Ford, Amanda Ann Cesarello, Lacey Ann Rodrigues

Group 7
Liana Danae Bette, Allison Jean Bartkus, Jonathan Douglas Moffat