Semester in Representation Theory - Fall 2014

Photo provided by University of Connecticut
The Mathematics Department at the University of Connecticut hosts a Special Semester on Representation Theory including two Distinguished Lecture Series and four Colloquium Talks by prominent mathematicians throughout the semester. 


Distinguished Lecture Series by
Claus Michael Ringel

10/13 The Brauer-Thrall conjectures (Room BPB 130)
10/15 Representations of directed quivers over the algebra of dual numbers (Room BPB 130)
10/16 Wild algebras (Room MSB 109A)

All lectures are 4-5 pm. Abstracts of Lectures

Distinguished Lecture Series by
Bernard Leclerc

10/27 Discrete dynamical systems, representation theory and cluster algebras
10/29 Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules and their q-characters
10/31 Quivers with relations associated with symmetrizable Cartan matrices

All lectures are 4-5 pm. Abstracts of Lectures

Colloquium Talks

Alexander Kleshchev
9/11, 4-5 pm, MSB 109A Representation theory of the symmetric group and Hecke algebras

Lutz Hille
10/9, 4-5 pm, MSB 109A Tilting modules for path algebra of type A_n, Catalan-numbers and polytopes

Henning Krause
10/23, 4-5 pm, MSB 109A Stratifying modular representations of finite groups

Idun Reiten

10/30, 4-5 pm, MSB 109A Cluster algebras, cluster categories and support tau-tilting modules

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This event is supported by the Department of
Mathematics and by the National Science Foundation.
Organizers: Kyu-Hwan Lee, Ralf Schiffler, Jerzy Weyman