I firmly believe that mathematics is not just for ”math people”. Mathematical models and concepts exist in every content, thus should be mastered to some degree by every professional. My goal when teaching is to provide a comfortable environment for collaborative learning while main- taining high mathematical standards.

University of Connecticut Fall 2013 - present

Courses taught as primary lecturer:

M2210Q - Applied Linear Algebra Spring 2017
M1071Q - Calculus for Business and Economics Fall 2016
M1060Q - Precalculus Summer 2016
M2410Q - Elementary Differential Equations Spring 2016
M1152Q - Honors Calculus II Fall 2015
M1060Q - Precalculus Summer 2015
M1071Q - Calculus for Business and Economics Spring 2015
M1060Q - Precalculus Summer 2014

Courses taught as discussion instructor:

M1132Q - Calculus II Spring 2014
M1131Q - Calculus I Spring 2013
M1131Q - Calculus I Fall 2013

Rhode Island College Spring 2010 - Spring 2013

Courses taught as adjunct faculty:

M143 - Math for Elementary Education Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Courses taught as primary instructor:

M010 - Mathematics Competency Spring 2010 - Spring 2012


I am a fourth-year graduate student currently working with my advisor Ralf Schiffler in Algebra and Representation Theory. My research interests include quiver representations and cluster algebras.


2017 (preprint) M. Rabideau: F-polynomial formula from continued fractions, 8 pages; arXiv:1612.06845

Conferences attended:

2016 XVIIIth Meeting on Representation Theory of Algebras - Sherbrooke, Canada
2016 CIMPA School: Homological Methods, Representation Theory and Cluster Algebras -Mar Del Plata, Argentina
2015 Representation Theory and Related Topics - Storrs, CT

Talks given:

2016 Continued fractions and Christoffel word factorizations - UConn
2016 Exact Sequences in Auslander-Reiten Quivers of type An - UConn

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Office Hours:

My office hours for the Spring 2017 semester are Tuesday 9:00 - 11:00, Thursday 10:00-11:00 and 3:30 - 4:30 or by appointment in Mont 105.