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Conference Venue

The Conference will be held at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. All the talks (except the Hans Schneider Colloquium) will be given in the Class of 1950 Lecture Center room at the Homer Babbidge Library (HBL-1950). The Hans Schneider Colloquium will take place in room MSB-118 in the Mathematical Sciences Building.

  • Thursday, Nov 1st.
    • The talks begin in HBL-1950 at 9:00am and will last there till 3:15pm.
    • The library policies prohibit bringing food and drinks to the auditorium, so that coffee breaks will be organized in the room 201 of the Information Technology and Engineering Bldg (ITEB-201 ) which is adjacent to HBL.
    • At 3:15 all the participants move from the Homer Babbidge Library (HBL) to the Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB), where some refreshments will be offered in the Lounge (MSB-Lounge) on the 1st floor at 3:30pm.
    • The Hans Schnedier Colloquium will take place at 4:00pm in room MSB-118 (next to the lounge).
    • Soon after Hans' talk a banquet will be held in the Alumni Center (ALU) which is located within 5 minutes walking distance from MSB.
  • Friday, Nov 2nd.
    • The talks begin in HBL-1950 at 8:30am and will last there till 12:30pm.

    Parking: North Parking Garage (NPRK). Please click here for the rate information.
Campus Map with Highlighted Conference Buildings (HBL, ITEB, MSB, ALU, INN, NPRK)

Here are the links to PDF, JPG, and TIFF flies with the above campus map.
Class of 1950 Lecture Center

The Class of 1950 Lecture Center is located at the second floor of the Hommer Babbidge Library: