Spring 2015   Math 5020 Topics in Algebra: Introduction to p-adic Numbers

Class information

  • Lectures: T/Th 9:30-10:45 in MSB 203
  • Instructor: Liang Xiao
  • Office Hours: by appointment or stop by, in MSB 210
  • Email: lxiao at math.uconn.edu
  • Textbook: p-adic Numbers: An Introduction, by Fernando Gouvêa

Grade Distribution

  • Homeworks 7 times, 70%
  • Take-home Final, 30%


  • Homeworks are assigned every two weeks, which can be found in the format of LaTex file on Husky CT. Latex your solution and submit by email the tex file; your homework will be graded with comments on the tex file. You may discuss the problems with your friends, but you have to type up the solution on your own.
  • Lecture notes will be posted on Husky CT. Be aware that it may contains typos.