Internet Resources For Math 1050

Internet Searches

Best Search Engine, Google:

WolframAlpha: (An interesting alternative to Google)



Hartford Courant:


All Newspapers:

General Information

National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

New England EPA:

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection:

Scorecard, Environmental Defense Pollution Locator (by Zip Code): 

Water Information

US Geology Survey (USGS), Water Science for Schools:

UConn’s Hydrogeology Program:  

Water Quality in US Cities

Water usage in US Geological Survey Circular 1268

Air Information

EPA, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAR):

Check out “The Plain English Guide To The Clean Air Act”
Global Warming Take Action Site:

HazMat Information

ALOHA download page:

CAMEO download page:

CAMEO Chemical Library:

MSDS Databases :

CAMEO’s Chemical Library is the best online source for MSDSs and other chemical properties of
hazardous materials. If you prefer to find the information elsewhere online search under the chemical
name AND the property of interest.

Ways to Save The Environment

100 Ways to Save The Environment:

Online Calculators and Conversion Tables

Scientific Calculator:

Units of Conversion Tables:

Online Conversion:

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