MATH 3795: Intoduction to Computational Math, Fall 2008

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am - 10:45pm, MAR 122
Instructor: Dmitriy Leykekhman


15 weeks.

This is intended schedule and most likey will be chahged during the semester.

Week 1: Basic Matlab.
Week 2: Floating Point Arithmetic.
Week 3: Solution of systems of linear equations. Gaussian eliminatio and LU decomposition.
Week 4: Special cases. Symmetric and banded matrices. Sensitivity of the Solution of a Linear System.
Week 5: Linear Least Squares.
Week 6: Regularized Least Squares.
Week 7: Total Least Squares.
Week 8: Applications. Data Assimilation.
Week 9: Solution of Nonlinear Equations.
Week 10: Polynomial Interpolation.
Week 11: Numerical Integration.
Week 12: Solution of Ordinary Differential Equationss.
Week 13: Mathmeatical Modelling. Applications.
Week 14: Student project presentations.
Week 15: Student project presentations.