Posted September 27:

From: Randy T
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 13:32:41 -0400
Subject: Benefits of Working with Peers

This was a very interesting article and I could not agree more with the author. I would like to express anecdotal evidence that this form of studying works. I am currently a doctoral student in biomedical engineering (BME) and, unlike most BME graduate students, I entered the program with limited exposure in engineering.

Biomedical engineering is highly interdisciplinary, and a great deal of knowledge is required in combined areas of life and physical sciences. I believe that study groups are ideal in this form of academic environment, because students with strong backgrounds in engineering seek assistance from students with strong backgrounds in human anatomy/physiology (and vise versa).

I can certainly say, without trepidation, that much of my didactic learning has been facilitated through this type of peer collaboration. Hopefully it will "pay off" in your class.