Problem Competition Relaunches

UConn Mathematics Graduate Student Ioanna Mavrea has again launched her Problem Competition. From her electronic-mail message to Mathematics faculty, staff and graduate students of September 3, 2002:

As always, I found some good problems over the summer and look forward to sharing them with you over the coming months. Suggestions of new ones are welcome.

Here's our first problem. As usual, there will be a reward for the first grad, or undergrad solution.


What is the longest possible sequence of real numbers with the following two properties?

* every seven consecutive numbers have a positive sum

* every eleven consecutive numbers have a negative sum.

** Please, submit all solutions via email to Ioanna Mavrea .

For prize information and subsequent problems, check out the Problem Competition home page. You can also link to it from the Math Department's main page. It's listed under Math Related Sites.