Maple Worksheets

Special student pricing for the current full version of Maple. Information e-mailed to the instructor by Waterloo Maple Software the last week of September outlines the special opportunity---available only for students---to acquire the complete version of the Maple software package at more than an 80% discount to normal retail pricing. Some details:

As evidence of our continued commitment to provide value and benefit to students, we continue to offer our Maple 8 Student Edition at the same Suggested Retail Price as our previous 2 versions - $129! Full Maple = Student Maple. Your students can walk down to your bookstore and purchase a full license of Maple (presented in a student edition box, and marketed as our Maple Student Edition) for $129. This is a tremendous value, as you are already well aware...a fraction of the cost [of the] full edition [available for purchase by] professors. What is the difference? Well other than documentation, there is no difference. The full edition ships in a larger box because there is more documentation, but the software inside each box is exactly the same.

Who can purchase Maple Student Edition? Only students with a valid student ID. **Free Resources for Students...** The MapleĻ Student Center provides course materials and graphics specifically for Maple's largest user group - our students!

The following links bring up HTML versions of Maple Worksheets created specifically for this course.

Plotting lines and planes in space

Intersecting and skew lines in space

Parametric space curves

Curvature; tangential and normal components of acceleration

Simple surface plots

Level curves

Quadric surfaces

Tangent planes to surfaces

Extreme values

Lagrange Multipliers