No such thing as a free chocolate treat?

UConn Mathematics Graduate Student Ioanna Mavrea has again launched her tasty Chocolate Competition. From her electronic-mail message to Mathematics faculty, staff and graduate students of February 2, 2001:

Here's a problem for you to work on. As usual, there will be a chocolate reward for the first student (grad or undergrad) solution.

To access a copy of her first two problems for Spring, 2001 or the latest (and according to Ioanna, easiest), click on one of the links below:

  • singular tic-tac-toe. (Could there be a hint in that title?)
  • lost in the woods
  • my nephew, niece and that other kid
  • To compete for a chocolate treat, click on the link Ioanna Mavrea , which sets up an e-mail to her, or (better) go directly to the competition's new home page.

    To do so, click on Problem Competition