Important News

Announcements about the course, such as examination times and rooms, will be posted here periodically. Make it a habit to check this page to keep informed about the course.

Change in Calculator Policy for Final Exam, posted April 26, 2002.

The tentative outline and suggested exercise list were posted January 21, 2002.

Mr. Jianhong Xu, who taught Math 116 recently, has generously made his Coursework link available for access by all students. Among other valuable features, it has PDF documents with solutions to homework problems from throughout the semester.

Course Grade Information. The course's alternate grading policy can help you bring up your final course grade. This policy states:

  • Students' course grades will not be more than one letter grade below their uncurved grade on the final examination.
  • For example, a student who earns an 88 (B+) on the final examination will receive a course grade of at least C+.

    Final Exam. The course common final exam is scheduled for Monday, May 13, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the following rooms. Make sure you go to the correct room at the time of the exam. All students are responsible for knowing this information!

  • Section 1 --- Prof. Gine ----------- CLAS 108
  • Section 2 --- Dr. Sozen ----------- CLAS 108
  • Section 3 --- Prof. Haas ----------- CLAS 108
  • Section 4 --- Prof. Hurley --------- CHM A-203
  • Section 5 --- Dr. Grantcharov ---- CLAS 108
  • Section 6 --- Prof. DeFranco ----- CLAS 108
  • Section 7 --- Prof. Madych ------- CHM A-203
  • Section 8 --- Prof. Leibowitz ----- HEW 280
  • Section 9 --- Prof. del Barrio ----- MONT 101
  • Building abbreviations: CLAS: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Building (formerly CEW, old Chemistry building); CHM: New Chemistry Building; HEW: Hewitt (School of Pharmacy) Building; MONT: Montieth Building. If you are not familiar with a building, be sure to find the room prior to the time of the final exam, because it is not possible to extend its administration past 12:30 PM.

    Virus Warning of April 23 from Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.
    This is an informational message about an email worm / virus that is sweeping across campus. There is an increasing amount of computer infections sweeping across campus since 04.19.02 - more so than any other virus we have seen in the last few months. It is of type (W32.Klez email worm) and is characterized by receipt of random attachments in email that you weren't expecting, from email addresses that may or may not look familiar to you. For more information about this virus, please visit Remember: only open attachments that you were expecting from email addresses that you recognize. Opening unexpected attachments, especially from email addresses that you do not correspond with frequently, is extremely unsafe and will eventually lead to a virus infection.

    Exam Review materials:

  • An Information Sheet for the Final Exam, with a list of topics and suggestions for preparing for the final exam, was posted May 9.
  • A review sheet with a complete list of sections that Exam 1 covered and suggested text exercises to review in preparation for taking the exam
  • A similar review sheet for Exam 2 was posted April 17.
  • The Recent Exams link has copies of Exam 1 from Spring, 1999 and Spring, 2000. Copies of the second hour exams from those semesters were posted there April 20.

    Copies of the Spring, 1999, and Spring, 2000 final exams for Math 116 are also posted. There was a conversion error with the Figure for Question 1 of both exams: the label (2, 1) was mis-rendered as "(2, 1L" and the equation y = f(x) in the figure was also garbled. Please correct any printings you make.

  • Practice problems: 14 questions to practice on for Exam 1. Answers are posted

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