Review Materials for Math 116 Exams, Spring, 2002

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Exam 1 Review Sheet

Practice problems for Exam 1

Answers to Exam 1 Practice Problems Note: there are two known errors in the list of answers:

  • In the answer to Problem 14(d), the polynomial should be multiplied by ex
  • In the answer to Problem 14(g), the coefficient of lnx should be -1/32 rather than -9/32.
  • Exam 2 Review Sheet

    RecentMath 116 Hour Exams Updated 5/9/02 with Final Exams from 1999 and 2000. Note. There was a conversion error with the Figure for Question 1 of both final exams: the label (2, 1) was mis-rendered as "(2, 1L" and the equation y = f(x) in the figure was also garbled. Please correct any printings you make.

    Final Exam Information Sheet 5/9/02. With suggestions for reviewing and preparing for the final exam. After you have finished that, try the next item: a practice worksheet with questions from former final exams. See also the posted copies of the 1999 and 2000 Math 116 finals on this Web site (link above).

    Final Exam Practice Worksheet 5/9/02.