Spring, 2002, Final Examination Calculator Policy

Posted April 26, 2002

In response to complaints from many students about unnerving disruption occasioned by inspection of graphing calculators during examinations, there is a change in policy for the final examination.

Only scientific calculators are acceptable for use on the Math 116 final examination. Do not bring a graphing calculator (such as any TI-80 series) to the examination. Scientific calculators, including those approved for use on Chemistry 128 examinations, are acceptable.

The final examination paper will include all relevant graphical images that you might have used a graphing calculator to generate on midterm exams. The exam will also be constructed in such a way that there will be no need to use a calculator for computations. If you do not currently have a scientific calculator and do not wish to purchase or borrow one for the exam, you should therefore not be at a disadvantage.