Ode to Numbers

Cover_Ode to Numbers 
       Ode to Numbers
       Poems by Sarah Glaz
       Antrim House, 2017
       Table of Contents


        Ode to Numbers contains poems written over a quarter of a century and inspired
         by mathematics and the author's life as a mathematician. The poems trace the story
         of Sarah's life from early childhood in Europe to the forty years long research and
         teaching career in mathematics in the United States. They respond, in turn, to students
         and topics of the courses Sarah has taught, the colleagues she has worked with and
         the research projects she has been involved in, the joys of professional travel, the
         pleasures and difficulties facing a woman pursuing a career in mathematics,
         and most of all, Sarah's life-long love of both mathematics and poetry.


        From Antrim House Press Release:

        In Ode to Numbers Sarah Glaz has created a fascinating mixture of poetry and mathematics
         in which each bespeaks the other. This is as passionate a book as it is erudite. Sarah Glaz
         moves naturally between the visceral world of strong emotions and the mathematical
         world of Commutative Rings.


       Antrim House Press Release (September 20, 2017)



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