Bridges 2018 Poetry Anthology

Cover-Bridges2018PoetryAnthology      Forthcoming this July!

Bridges 2018 Poetry Anthology
       Editor: Sarah Glaz
       Tessellations Publishing, 2018


       Table of Contents

        From the introduction:

        The Bridges 2018 Poetry Anthology is organized in two sections. The first section
        contains poems written by the poets invited to read at Bridges Stockholm; while
        the second is devoted to work by poets who read at previous Bridges conferences
        but could not participate this year. In addition, the anthology provides biographical
        information about the poets, including titles of recent publications and URLs for
        poets' websites, where readers can find further poetic delights.


Links to: 


       ball  Tessellations Publishing Bridges site
           (access to all Bridges publications, including the Bridges Poetry Anthologies, and other Tessellations products) 
       ball  Mathematical Poetry at Bridges
           (information about the poetry readings at Bridges since their inception)
       ball  Bridges 2018 Poetry Day Page
           (information about Bridges Stockholm poetry reading)
       ball  About the Coordinator and the Invited Poets
           (information about the poets featured at the Bridges Stockholm poetry reading)

   The anthology may be purchased online with the  registration to the Bridges Stockholm conference
   and  will also be available after the conference from the Tessellations Publishing website.

   More information will be posted here, and at the Bridges Poetry Reading site, after the conference.