Johanna N.Y. Franklin

Fall 2014

I will be starting a new job at Hofstra University in September 2014. If you're one of my future students, I look forward to meeting you, and if you're one of my former students, I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you sometimes!

Teaching Experience

Some of my syllabi are linked below. Other materials, including a teaching portfolio, are available upon request.

University of Connecticut, University Postdoctoral Fellow
History of Mathematics (Math 2720), Fall 2013 (website)
Honors Calculus I (Math 1151), Fall 2013 (website and haikus)
Honors Multivariable Calculus (Math 2130), Fall 2011 (website)
Applied Linear Algebra (Math 2210), Fall 2011 (website)
Elementary Differential Equations (Math 2410), Fall 2012 (website)
Transition to Advanced Mathematics (Math 2710), Spring 2012 (website), Fall 2012 (website), and Spring 2014 (website)
Probability (Math 3160), Spring 2012 (website), Spring 2013 (website), and Spring 2014 (website)
Topics in Mathematical Logic (Math 5026), Spring 2013 (description)

Dartmouth College, Visiting Assistant Professor
Introduction to Calculus (Math 3), Fall 2010
Calculus of Vector-valued Functions (Math 13), Winter 2011 (2 sections) (website)
Discrete Probability (Math 20), Spring 2011 (website)

University of Waterloo, Postdoctoral Fellow
Algebra for Honors Mathematics, Winter 2010

National University of Singapore, Visiting Fellow
Combinatorial Analysis, Spring 2009 (syllabus)
Set Theory, Fall 2007 and Fall 2008 (syllabus)
Discrete Structures (School of Computing), Spring 2008 (Tutorial responsibilities)
Reverse Mathematics, Fall 2008 (Short course for graduate students)
Topics in Undergraduate Mathematics, Spring 2009 (Independent study in logic)

University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor
Analytic Geometry and Calculus, Fall 2006
Introduction to Logic (Department of Philosophy), Spring and Fall 2005

University of California, Berkeley, Reader (grader)
Mathematical Logic, Spring and Fall 2003

Carnegie Mellon University, Teaching Assistant
Calculus for Humanities Students, Fall 1998
Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus, Spring 1999 and Spring 2001
Concepts of Mathematics, Fall 1999, Spring 2000, and Fall 2000

National University of Singapore (2006 Summer School in Logic), Advanced Student Mentor
Discussion section in set theory and recursion theory for first- and second-year graduate students.

Johns Hopkins University (Center for Talented Youth), Instructor
Cryptology, Summer 2004 and Summer 2005
Mathematical Reasoning, Summer 2001

Teaching workshops attended at UConn

W Teaching Orientation (a workshop on teaching writing courses)
Promoting Student Engagement in the Classroom
Using Informal Writing in Small and Large Classes

Teaching workshops attended at Dartmouth

Teaching Science Seminar: Science and Writing: A Dialogue
Orientation to Teaching at Dartmouth

Teaching workshops attended at NUS

Ideas on Assessing and Improving Presentations
Teaching a Large Class and (gasp!) Loving It

Teaching workshops and conferences attended at Berkeley

Teaching Conference (required for all new TAs at Berkeley)
GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course (required for all new TAs at Berkeley)
Teaching a Large Lecture Course
Syllabus and Course Design