Math 3160-003, Spring 2014


Homework will be assigned weekly. In general, the problems will be due on Thursdays at the beginning of class and will cover the material discussed in the previous week. Since I may discuss the homework problems in class that Thursday, no late assignments will be accepted except under the most extreme circumstances. If you have an emergency that you think may be an extreme circumstance, please let me know as soon as possible. The lowest homework score will be dropped regardless.

I encourage you to work with your classmates and ask me questions if you get stuck, but I expect you to write the names of any classmates you worked with on your homework. While you are allowed to use any kind of calculator you like when you do the homework, I urge you not to rely on it heavily since it may not be permitted on exams (rather like your classmates' help!).

Solutions were removed on May 12, 2014.