Expected value,
The variance, and the skew—
Wait just a moment!

Here are the haikus that the Math 3160-003 students have permitted me to share.

Generation of moments
To never forget

Never play the lottery.
You'll probably lose.

Man did you get difficult
There goes my B plus

What is the expected value
of my grade in here?

Roll a standard die,
what's the probability
of coming in first?

Two random variables
Both change together

An event is a subset
Of a sample space

I do not write well
So I study mathematics
must erase a lot.

Events are like the spring
You know they will happen eventually
Pity that event includes allergies

Eight friends meet at night
To pair up they must split up
in eight choose five ways

Pick a hand, any hand
How many are in the deck?
fifty-two choose five.

I like to pull balls
From the colorful ball box
Without replacement

Sure, share my haiku
I will never hide my love
of colored ball box