Expected value,
Variance, and the skew—
Wait just a moment!

Here are the haikus that the Math 3160-005 students have permitted me to share. It's very useful that "probability" has five syllables!

Umbrella saves mu from rain
Lighten your darkness!

Chance of getting right answer
must be less than one.

Fifteen choose fifteen
Is the probability
I have learned something.

Oh variables
Continuous and discrete
Make me so upbeat

Pray the coins and dice are fair
Ask which Bernoulli

Is this on the P?
He would not cease asking me
Is this on the P?

Is it less than 1?
Is it greater than 0?
Then it's probable.

With some luck you'll win
But I expect you won't
The long run is mine.

Distributing joints
Is easy with a table.
Make sure you're discrete.

If we multiply
And our condition's the same
We're independent.

Bernoulli's but one
Son of a binomial
But, which Bernoulli?

Whenever I cook
After doing math homework
It's food Poissoning.