Johanna N.Y. Franklin


For my personal recommendations for desserts and sweets, go here.

I also enjoy mathematical crafting. You might enjoy looking at sarah-marie belcastro's knitting page if you knit and Daina Taimina's blog for a general look at mathematical crafting and some fun crocheting hyperbolic planes.

Finally, I'm on the committee for the Downtown Amherst Contradance.

Professional Activities

Wesley Calvert, Douglas Cenzer, Valentina Harizanov, and I are co-organizing a Joint AMS-ASL Special Session in "Logic and Probability" for the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore in January 2014.

Wesley Calvert and I co-organized a Special Session in "Computability Across Mathematics" for the AMS Fall Sectional Meeting in St. Louis in October 2013.

I also organized the Fields Postdoctoral Seminar Series in Fall 2009.

Graduate Activities

I co-founded the Berkeley Student Logic Colloquium in Fall 2004 and was the primary organizer until I graduated in 2007.

As the organizer of the Student Logic Colloquium, I also maintained a collection of syllabi from previous Logic Group qualifying exams and philosophy prelims and a page of resources for the Logic Group's foundations prelim.

I was also involved in the group for women in mathematics at Berkeley, the Noetherian Ring.

The Graduate Assembly is Berkeley's graduate student government. I was the Logic Group's delegate and a member of the Graduate Assembly's Funding Committee from 2002 until 2007. In 2006, I was also a member of the Faculty Mentors Award Subcommittee.