MathQuEST Program

Math Quality Education for Students and Teachers

2006 MathQuEST flyer and registration form [Registration is now closed]

This program is funded through the Connecticut Department of Higher Education's "Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program," under the federal No Child Left Behind act. Quote from the RFP:

The purpose of the program is to raise student achievement by strengthening the effectiveness of teachers and other school personnel through rigorous and relevant professional development. The intent is to forge meaningful collaborations among a number of different partners to generate strong content knowledge and teaching skills to help all children learn.

The main components of the program are

  • a two-week (60 hours) intensive summer institute on campus,
  • school year support for collaborative lesson planning and classroom support from master teachers, and
  • (3) a followup workshop in summer 2007.

  • Partners include the Consolidated School District of New Britain, the Neag School of Education, Teachers for a New Era (providing assessment support), the Q Center (providing logistical support), and of course the Math Department. Fabiana Cardetti is the Primary Project Director. She and Tom Roby planned and presented in the summer institutes. Larissa Schroeder, Tom DeFranco's doctoral advisee in math education worked jointly with Lois Staryhorn, master teacher from New Britain High School, with teachers during the summer and will continue to support the participants through the school year follow up.

    Only two grants were awarded in Mathematics within this program.

    The first phase of MathQuEST has now been completed. We worked intensively on a 10-day summer institute from August 14th through August 25th in New Britain High School. Participating teachers came from many different districts(in alphabetical order): Hartford, Montville, New Britain, Regional School District 4, and Windham.

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  • Suggested Reflection Questions for MathQuEST Lessons
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  • Different Issues of Concern when Teaching Mathematics
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  • Best Practices Suggestions
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  • List of resources
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